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We’ll help you catch the wind in your sails


In business, as well as in sailing, we set our goals. However, it depends on many conditions, how we are going to achieve them. It’s rather impossible to swim against the wind, therefore one needs to tack – that is to use the force of wind to effectively move in the designated direction. In polish, the commands – “KLARować jacht!” or “KLAR na pokładzie!” mean “to prepare for work”. It is not without reason that we identify with this name. We create a clear visual communication. We know that during deep-sea cruises and in everyday work, experience and proven crew are of great importance. Years of joint work in creating visual identity, developing image and promotion have taught us how to support clients in setting the right course and how to successfully achieve their goals. We invite you to cooperate with us. We’ll help you catch the wind in your sails.

We create clear visual messages

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